Scape rock / garage / psychadelic

'One of the best ‘under-ground’ rock bands around!’
Australian music magazine ‘The Brag’


‘We are really into these guys and their dramatic rock sound!’
National Australian surfing magazine ‘TRACKS’ 


'Searing guitar and groundbreaking graphics! An extraordinary album!'

'Tsunami Music Magazine' Queensland


"Their aural assault stuns the senses with walls of distortion and relentless guitar carrying pop melodies......a rock out of epic proportions!"

Australian music magazine ‘The Brag’


5/5 Do yourselves a favour and go out and get this album NOW!

South Australian Music Press 'Rip It Up Magazine'


'A dense blend of power-chord-heavy distorted guitars and soaring vocals, Mark Wolfe and company deliver five teasers that display how much playing live must be influencing their sound.'

Australian music webzine - 'Faster Louder'


‘Searing, vocals, raw, over-driven guitar/bass-lines, and catchy pop melodies, The Honey Palace are known for their energetic and captivating live shows and have a reputation as one of Sydney’s best under ground rock bands - a must see act!’
Australian music magazine ‘The Brag’


'Amazing art and an amazing concept album! Think Tool, Kula Shaker, Hawkind. Five stars!'

Euro Rock Press - Beppe Cozza 'Rock Italy'



Music tracks


1. Jade horse immortal rider

2. Love junkie

3. You and I

4. My addiction

5. She's the one!

6. Eggman (electric version futurama)

7. Shiva-like

8. Missy (with salted lips)

9. Bus ride to nowhere

10. Eyes open

11. Where you coming from?


(Note: more to be listed)



Further reading:

Music - art - technology - innovation

On the rising crest of new media digital technologies, Australian art-rock band The Honey Palace burst onto the global music scene with what was truly the consummate art students dream come true and deemed a world first of its kind. By combining multiple art mediums including illustration/painted art/music/film/poetry/prose onto one double sided interactive disc along with new technologies then adding capabilities to launch from that disc onto the internet to access further content was really an exciting break through in delivering a total multi-media experience to the general public. The final result was an explorative and vibrant new album that was acknowledged as a world first. Utilising DVD+ (dual disc) technology, 5.1 surround sound, audio, contextual films with interactive menus all packaged up in a highly illustrated package the brand new album was an epic and unique art piece and likened to a 21st century poetry book titled Have you seen love?


The next step was another uniqu opportunity to work alongside a cutting edge team of online programers at the then KaZaA HQ in North Sydeny to help establish a clear platform for the legal purchace and distribution of digital rights managed song files globally. This led to The Honey Palace signing Australia's first online DRM distribution deal and initiated ongoing development with coders and implementing new magnet links and code into the bands website. Up and running well before the first official iTunes store had opened in Australia the timing proved to be the perfect 'digital art media music storm' that would later help form the basis of the next global digital music distribution and purchacing models.



■ First artist to record in the new 301 Studio fascilities Byron Bay Australia.

■ World first DVD (plus) dual disc (audio/film/web) for rock band.

■ The Honey Palace sign Australias first DRM deal. Now the norm for music distribution.

■ Web coding, magnet links, capsule online development linking with DVD (plus).

■ Official launch on the KaZaA Media Desktop front page with artists including John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Public Enemy and Bob Marley.

■ Over a million downloads recorded over the coming year.

■ Front page feature on Windows Media desktop.

■ UK Sounds Windows Media Chart number 6.

■ Number 1 on Arizona USA 'Indy Live' charts.

■ Music and film added to NSW Government youth program Drug Arm. Launched in NSW Parliament House.

■ Introducing Blue Tooth downloadable tickets and media to live concerts.

■ Sold out album launch at Sydney's Metro Theatre featured visual art, lasers and costumed theatrical performers.

■ Sold out 'unplugged' launch at Sydney's class venue The Basement.

■ The first Australian music and art release on USB. (Featured in Sydneys MX Magazine)